Connecting Leaders

LHC International is your partner for the recruitment of talented specialists and executives. We are demanding – and so are our customers. We have been successful in recruiting since 2013. With a strong network, extensive industry experience and a highly motivated team, we work individually and internationally. With global companies and excellent candidates from a wide variety of industries. We do not provide résumés. We connect personalities.

We specialize in …




  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • VP Human Resources
  • Corporate F&B Director
  • General Manager
  • Vice President Finance
  • Regional Director of Sales & Marketing

Real Estate


  • Asset Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Technical Asset Manager
  • (Senior) Development Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • Director Expansion

Sales & Marketing


  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Head of Sales
  • Key Account Manager (Senior)
  • Account Manager
  • (Senior) Account Manager
  • Head of Customer Success



  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of Accounting
  • Senior FP&A
  • Controller



  • Chief Technology Officer
  • IT Manager
  • IT Systems Administrator
  • Senior Front End Developer
  • Software / Web Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
Office & Management

Office & Management


  • Personal Assistant to the Board
  • VP Human Resources
  • HR Manager
  • HR Business Partner
  • Head of Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Simplified

The tailor-made support on both the customer and the candidate side is very important to us. Only when we know you personally we do understand your company and your actual needs. Find out why LHC is the right partner to find exactly the right candidate for you.

At LHC International we already serve over 3,000 customers from more than 25 countries. And we are a little proud of that.

The tailor-made support on both the customer and the candidate side is very important to us. Only when we know you personally we do understand your company and your actual needs. Find out why LHC is the right partner to find exactly the right candidate for you.

For Companies

We will find the right candidates for you – from our own handpicked pool and our extensive network. With experience, a sure instinct and comprehensive advice on your requirements and wishes.

For Candidates

Are you a specialist in hospitality, real estate, finance or the commercial sector? Are you ready for the next step in your career? Talk to us and we will support you in finding exactly the right position for you.

19:42 01 Jul 22
I was in touch with Alessandro and Stephanie who were very nice, helpfull and professional during the entire process of my recruitment.
Sahawat HiranwattanaSahawat Hiranwattana
09:12 11 Apr 22
Supportive and helpful. Khun Belle assisted the way through my new job. Thank you.
ahmad Elhassanahmad Elhassan
17:09 10 Feb 22
The team helped me find the right employer to join and the role that aligns with my goals. Very professional and effective,the team put in the effort to find the right match and supported me throughout the interview process. Highly recommended!
Florian PedemanaudFlorian Pedemanaud
09:21 04 Jul 19
Highly experienced, knowledgeable and professional team of consultants - effective process & perfect candidates have been suggested!
Felix MischkeFelix Mischke
08:18 16 Oct 18
Highly professional team, placing fast and reliable. Certainly the #1 recruiter in hospitality in Germany.
Tossaras LupsirikulTossaras Lupsirikul
05:02 08 Dec 22
Highly appreciated in your professional service provided. Anyone who look for career in hospitality , LHC will be highly recommended. I was very impressed with your professionalism and assistance.
Pichaya PatamatamkulPichaya Patamatamkul
04:53 06 Oct 22
Highly recommended if you are looking for careers in hospitality. The team are professional and provide quality services.Thank you Khun Nisakorn for her dedication and genuine support, without her I would not be able to embark on this new journey. Her understanding of the role and candidate has made the perfect match.I am very grateful for the opportunity and best of luck to you and your team :)
Jatuporn MetheebunkongJatuporn Metheebunkong
05:25 27 Jul 22
Highly grateful for the professional consultant service provided. Khun Tam is a cheerful, full of energy, and high responsibility person. Furthermore, I truly value her efforts to keep me informed of all the news while she was away. Recruitment advanced rapidly and above my expectations thanks to good follow-up. Once more, I'm incredibly impressed with the way she arranged and helped me with the next phase of my professional development.
Tunya KraseewatTunya Kraseewat
06:43 11 Jun 22
Thank you for the professionalism of LHC team, Khun Tam whom made transitions seamless. Her ability to follow through within timely manner and coaching along the experiences are beyond expectations. I will definitely recommend LHC to my colleagues especially Khun Tam as gems of the company. Thank you again for making my life less stressful🙏
Highly appreciated and thank you for your best coordination and support for this matter. Khun Tam was enthusiastic and had excellent follow-ups. And also provided comprehensive and clear information. Again thank you for your kindness support ka.Thank you Khun Tam and Boss for this matter.

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